Polyethylene capacity of 120 litres approximately - (equivalent 60kg seed slug pellet mix depending on density). Removable lid with latching catches.

Capacitive electronic sensor to detect low hopper level, indicated by flashing light on control box.

Fan Motor:
12 Volt DC motor 200 watts 3500 rpm, direct coupled to fan unit. 12volt DC motor 300watts, 4000 rpm.for 25 foot headers

Outlet Nozzels:
6 Nozzles individually adjustable for combine width 5 to 6.7 metres. Designed to give even distribution from only 100mm height above target.

Ground Wheel:
Steel whell - diameter 636mm giving a rolling circumference of 2 metres, i.e. 1 revolution per 2 metres of travel. Fitted with sprag clutch giving free wheel when reversed.

Chain & Sprockets:
Chain standard 3/9" BS Pitch, Sprocket with taper lock bushes. Standard kit comproses: 19 t, 23 t, 25 t and 38 t sprocket together with appropiate bushes.

Metering Device:
External Force feed seed mechanism. Standard rotor width 25mm nominal output 12gm per rev of rotor.

Flow Sensor:
Reflective sensor mounted in six way distributor detect flow seed - indicates red light on in cab control box when "No Flow".

Micro Switch:
Fitted to ground wheel arm, turns fan off when when the header is lifted out of work.

In Cab Control Box:
Includes power On/Of and fan On/Off switches - together with function indicators and hopper level and flow sensor lights. Bulb test buttons and fuse (3A)


The hopper assembly fits to the back of the combine header or implement. Normally on the right hand side. The ground wheel trails back to run adjacent to the central conveyor housing It can be converted to the left or right hand side of the autocast.

The ground wheel drives the metering unit via a chain and sprocket. The output being directly related to distance travelled.

The seed is delivered into the air stream. The manifold next to the top of the hopper splits the flow into six ways, each in turn feeding and outlet nozzle.