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For the low cost & accurate establishment of OSR, Mustard, Stubble Turnips and other small seeds and pellets.

Autocast V2 mounts on combine headers, primarily used for OSR application. Hopper capacity 200 litres (140 kg OSR), 300 watt fan motor, telescopic spreader outlets and mounting bars supplied for working widths 4.8m to 12m. Autocast V2 comes as standard with seed flow, hopper level and GPS speed sensing. Auto on/off all ease the operator input, allowing them to concentrate on driving the combine. Our unique split hopper design ensures slug pellets are applied directly with the seed under any chopped straw. It also removes the need for additional pre-mixing of any seed and slug pellets.

The kit includes 7 metre power cable, 6 metre signal cable, 50 amp fuse assembly, In cab control unit, 6 outlet head, 30 metre roll of hose, outlet spreaders and 6 mounting clamps.


· 6 metre extension loom
· 12 metre extension loom
· 6 metre power extension with plug and socket
· 12 metre power cable in lieu of 7 metre standard cable
· 8 outlets and 2 additional telescopic nozzles for 9 metre headers
· 10 outlets and 4 additional telescopic nozzles for 12 metre headers
· Hydraulic fan as alternative to electric for 9 metre headers and above
· Additional mounting frame
· Grass rotor
· Hopper Cover
· Fitting Kits
· For 30ft/9m and above headers and above require the hydraulic fan option. The oil feed for this requires 15 L/min @ 40 bar

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